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Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit

Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit

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The Conmed 5000 Electrosurgical Unit can provide a wide range of procedures in one machine. The 5000 Electrosurgical unit comes with a Fluid Mode and a Laparoscopic Mode. The Fluid Mode added additional energy while in a fluid environment and the laparoscopic mode limits the volts below 2,7000 volts to reduce the risk of burns.

The System 5000 is build off of an advanced digital signal processing architecture that allows the unit to sample current and voltage over 450,00 times a minute while adjusting to accommodate the divergent delivers that are needed per mode. The Conmed 5000 comes with nine programable memory settings, that make it easy to switch back and forth between procedures.

  • Offering patient safety that can reduce blood loss and the risk of accidental burns
  • Nine programable setting, allowing surgeons to save their preferred operating conditions
  • Remote Power Control with a standard Electrosurgical pencil



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