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Mindray M6 Vet

Mindray M6 Vet



The Mindray M6 Vet is a color portable veterinary ultrasound machine with a 15-inch LCD monitor. This laptop-style system has a broad choice of transducers for all veterinary imaging applications from small animal abdominal and cardiac to large animal tendons and repro. The probe technology includes a triple-matching layer, total-cut, and thermal-control designs. These three features make up Mindray’s 3T transducer technology designed to increase image quality. Other great features include the 1TB hard drive, 90-minute scan time with the battery, and the powered mobile cart accessory. The Mindray M6 Vet includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

              • The Mindray M6 Vet is an all-in-one veterinary ultrasound machine with the following key features:

                Veterinary Shared Service Calculation Package:

              • Veterinary information management tool for more than 6 types of animals
              • Up to 22 veterinary body marks

              • Abdomen, cardiac, OB, vascular, small parts, and MSK exam modes and analysis packages for different animals

              • Veterinary OB table

              • User-defined formulas for more applications

                Advanced Software Add-on Options:

              • iScape View: real-time panoramic imaging with velocity indicator, a useful tool to evaluate equine tendons.
              • Free Xros Imaging: Anatomical M-mode, supports EF measure offline after the exam.
              • Advanced cardiac function assessment packages including Free Xros CM Imaging (Anatomical Curved M-mode) and Tissue Doppler Imaging.

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