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Drager Apollo

Drager Apollo



The Drager Apollo is an anesthesia machine that offers a high-speed piston ventilator built in the machine. The E-vent Plus Servo ventilator helps the anesthesia machine maximize the peak flow of ventilation and gases. At the same time the Drager Apollo also offers an integrated boating system that reduces wires and tube as well as reducing any accidental disconnection of the patient for the machine during critical times.

The Drager Apollo offers unique low-flow ventilation which can reduce the cost of inhalation anesthesia agents. Along with reducing the fresh gases flow from 3l a minute to 1l per minute. Unlike a bellowed ventilator the Apollo does not require drive gas.

  • User-friendly ergonomics. All functional elements are within easy reach of being seated or standing.
  • Unique breathing bag arm design provides the ultimate flexibility.
  • Simple straightforward startup makes it easier for the staff and provides complete information on device status. Integrated breathing system eliminates external hoses and clutter, reducing risk of misconnection and disconnection.
  • Fully automatic self-test lasts approximately three minutes, reflects the results to the user, and makes results available at any time.
  • Advanced ventilation.
  • E-Vent plus servo-controlled high-speed piston ventilator works with great precision to supply a maximum peak flow far in excess of any bellows ventilator, resulting in the kind of performance previously only seen in the ICU.
  • The consistent use of low-flow anesthesia techniques can significantly reduce the cost of inhalational anesthetic agents. Reducing the fresh gas flow from 3L/min to 1L/min can result in anesthetic agent savings of up to 50%.



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