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Mindray A5

Mindray A5



The Mindray A5 anesthesia machine is a system that offers advanced ventilation modes and can integrate gas analysis, capnography, and spirometry loops. The Anesthesia machine covers a wide range of patients from neonates to adults. The Mindray A5 features a 15-inch touch screen, making it easier to operate and select various ventilation modes and settings. The A5 offers high-pressure O2 support which is used in advanced ventilation modes and can help in lung protection. The system uses the standard HL7 protocol for outputting the patient data that can connect easily to the hospital's EMR system to store the patient's information.

    • Universal ventilation capabilities include a neonatal indication for use
    • Manual/spontaneous breathing mode with respiratory monitoring capability
    • Ventilation modes include: VCV, PCV with Volume Guarantee, CPAP/Pressure Support, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC
    • Large 15-inch color touchscreen with backup touchpad
    • LED lighting with adjustable brightness
    • Automatic compliance and fresh gas compensation maintain accurate tidal volumes
    • Auxiliary O2/Air flow meters deliver blended gas to reduce the risk of airway fire
    • High pressure O2 port for jet ventilation
    • Warmed breathing system minimizes internal condensation
    • HL7 connectivity for AIMS and EMR integration
    • O2/Air/N2O backup gas
    • Compatible with Mindray patient monitors



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