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GE Logiq E10

GE Logiq E10

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The refurbished GE Logiq E10 ultrasound machine represents a relatively large improvement over the very popular (and very good) GE Logiq E9.

While the Logiq E9 was among the best systems when it was released, the Logiq E10 takes advantage of the latest technologies to improve speed, penetration, image resolution, and ergonomics. It is also among the most secure ultrasound machines, making it popular with IT departments everywhere.

As a truly premium ultrasound machine, the Logiq E10 is very pricey, however, as a refurbished system prices are significantly lower than the price of a new Logiq E10.

              The most important and impactful technologies on the GE Logiq E10 include the “cSound Architecture”, which is a fancy way of describing the combination of single-crystal probes, improved processing power, and optimized software. The two other most important features include cybersecurity (including Windows 10) and artificial intelligence technology.

              Those technologies pair with well-engineered software and design that greatly improve efficiency and workflow, which make this an ideal ultrasound in high volume environments.

              For more specialized procedures, the E10 includes rare technologies: ShearWave elastography, contrast cardiac imaging, 4D with HDlive, ultrasound guided attenuation parameter, contrast microvascular imaging, contrast enhanced imaging, 3D GPS Fusion Imaging, and shared service capabilities.

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