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GE Logiq Fortis

GE Logiq Fortis



The GE Logiq Fortis is a full spectrum ultrasound machine from the GE’s Logiq lineup. This high-performing console based ultrasound was designed to be used in multiple clinical settings as an all-in-one affordable solution. Equipped with next-generation imaging technologies, the Logiq Fortis exceeds clinical expectation by delivering clarity and clinical confidence across a wide range of clinical applications.

              The GE Logiq Fortis has the following key features equipped on this ultrasound:


              • 2D shear wave elastography
              • Measure Assistant and Radiantflow
              • AI productivity tools
              • SonoDefense for protection
              • cSound Architecture
              • XDclear transducers
              • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
              • EZ Imaging for enhanced workflow

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