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GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound Machine

GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound Machine



The GE Logiq P5 ultrasound machine is among the lowest priced console machines available that offers good quality imaging for many different applications, including OB/GYN 4D imaging.

The Logiq P5 ultrasound is known as a workhorse, with limited shared service capabilities and solid image quality, and it’s quiet and easy-to-move. An excellent choice for those looking for an inexpensive ultrasound machine that will have a high return on investment.

              The Logiq P5 is one of GE’s all-time bestsellers in the ultrasound market. The price is under $10,000 and it offers full shared service capabilities, including 3D/4D obstetric imaging. This is unheard of in this price range.


              Featuring Speckle Reduction, CrossXBeam compound imaging, cardiac imaging, 3D/4D, elastography, the GE Logiq P5 provides possibly the most powerful system at this price on the market today.


              • 15” TFT LCD monitor with Flexible Monitor Arm
              • Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO)
              • Auto Color Optimization (ACO)
              • Auto Spectrum Optimization (ASO)
              • Coded Harmonic Imaging
              • Coded Excitation (CE)
              • Virtual Convex
              • Crossbeam
              • Directional Power Doppler Imaging
              • High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF)
              • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
              • Hard Disk partition of 50GB for image storage
              • CINE Memory Frames (60 sec) (192MB)
              • Real-time Triplex Mode at any Depth and PRF
              • Patient Information Database
              • Image Archive on Hard Drive and DVD
              • Easy Backup for Media

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