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GE Logiq S7

GE Logiq S7



The refurbished GE Logiq S7 is in GE’s “Signature” series of shared service mid-range ultrasound machines designed for shared service applications from cardiac to General Imaging to 4D OB/GYN. The GE Logiq S7 for sale is a higher performance version of the S7 and replacement for the GE Logiq S6, making it extremely lightweight and compact while sharing a similar body type to the Voluson S6 and S8. Later versions include Single Crystal probe technology with its XDClear architecture. The GE Logiq S7 is available in Pro and Expert models which provide the user with high-end imaging technologies that improve imaging for applications such as abdominal, small parts, musculoskeletal, breast, OB/GYN, cardiology, vascular, pediatrics, urology and more.

              The GE Logiq S7 systems with XDClear offers a wide variety of Logiq Expert series technology, XDclear probes, including specialty probes for interventional and pediatrics, and other optional features that help make this shared service ultrasound machine user friendly with cardiac and stress echo modules.

              The GE Logiq S7 ultrasound system features the following key benefits:


              • Elastography
              • Flow Quantification
              • Contrast imaging
              • Volume imaging
              • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD)
              • CrossXBeam
              • Scan Assistant
              • 19″ LCD touchscreen monitor
              • Volume obstetrical 3D/4D
              • XDClear
              • Auto IMT
              • Auto EF
              • Automated Volume Calculation (VOCAL II)
              • Automated Function Imaging (AFI)
              • Breast Measure Assistant
              • OB Measure Assistant
              • B-Flow/B-Flow Color
              • B Steer+
              • Breast Productivity Package
              • Coded Contrast Imaging
              • HRES Contrast
              • Compare Assistant
              • CW Doppler
              • DICOM 3.0 connectivity
              • Digital Video Recording Software (Software DVR)
              • Elastography
              • Elastography Quantification
              • Flow Quantification
              • LOGIQView
              • Real Time 4D
              • Report Writer
              • Scan Assistant
              • Stress Echo
              • Thyroid Productivity Package
              • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI)
              • Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)
              • Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) Static
              • OmniView
              • STIC
              • Advanced Probes (XDclear)

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