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GE NextGen Logiq e

GE NextGen Logiq e



Following up on the tremendously successful GE Logiq e, the GE Logiq e NextGen provides more modern features and upgrades to its predecessor.


GE positioned the Logiq e NextGen portable ultrasound as a point-of-care ultrasound machine, but it has many more features and is tremendously versatile. This is a highly recommended refurbished portable ultrasound machine for those needing a mobile/portable machine that can perform a wide variety of studies, particularly in the point of care market.

              The most well-known and highly touted feature of the NextGen Logiq e is its programmable “button probe.” This has 4 buttons that can be programmed to a variety of functions (depth, freeze, save, etc). This eliminates the need for a third hand to control the machine while the clinician holds the probe and needle, or is otherwise in a position in which it’s difficult to reach the buttons on the ultrasound machine.

              Other key features include that it’s a fully shared service ultrasound offering high-end imaging and quantification packages. These features include: CrossXBeam, Speckle Reduction (SRI-HD), Needle Recognition, AutoIMT, Stress Echo, Flow Quantitative Analysis, CW Doppler, Tissue Velocity Imaging and Tissue Velocity Doppler.

              • 3D

              • LOGIQ View

              • Stress Echo

              • eSmart Trainer

              • DICOM

              • Flow Quantitative Analysis

              • Patient Follow-Up Tool with fusion

              • M-Color Flow Mode (CM)

              • Anatomical M-Mode (AMM)

              • TVI/TVD

              • High-Res PDI

              • Ophthalmic

              • CWD

              • USB ECG (AHA/IEC)

              • Barcode Scanner

              • External DVD R/W storage

              • USB ECG (AHA/IEC)

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