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GE OEC 6800

GE OEC 6800



The OEC 6800 Mini C-Arm is the newest in the line of OEC Mini C Arms. The OEC 6800 is a perfect fit for sports medicine, orthopedics, and veterinary medicine. As the first Mini C-Arm to use 1K x 1K imaging and a touchscreen interface, the OEC 6800 provides many of the components of a full-sized system at a fraction of the cost. Soma offers different rental options including rent-to-own to accommodate your specific needs.

The GE OEC 6800 MiniView is a perfect fit for sports medicine, orthopedics, and veterinary medicine. The OEC 6800 is the first mini c-arm to use 1k2 imaging and a touchscreen interface. This OEC c-arm provides many of the components of a full-sized system at a fraction of the cost.


Together the articulating arm, rotating arm, and the OEC C-arm provide maximum flexibility in positioning the system for each procedure. It makes elevation and horizontal positioning easy. The C-arm can be elevated so that the isocenter is in the range of 23-52″ (58-132 cm) with the image intensifier down. In addition to the elevation, the articulating arm pivots horizontally at both ends. OEC’s MiniView can be angled by rotating the C-arm on the rotation arm. The range of movement is over 200 degrees. The C-arm can also orbit in its cradle through an arc of 115 degrees.

Touchscreen Controls

The right monitor provides a touchscreen interface to interact with the MiniView system. Using the touchscreen on the equipment you can; enter and view patient information, view and process images, configure the X-ray switches, set imaging parameters, and annotate images.

Workstation Keyboard

The OEC 6800 MiniView system keyboard controls the navigation, text-entry, image processing, and other function keys. There are two versions of the MiniView system keyboard that are available which include text and icon only. The layout and functionality of each keyboard is the same, but the labeling is different.

Laser Aimer

The GE OEC 6800 MiniView is equipped with a laser aimer to help position the anatomy in the center of the intensifier. To activate the laser aimer by pressing the button on the front surface of the C-arm. The Laster light is a cross that is projected toward the image intensifier.


At the system startup, the MiniView 6800’s imaging capabilities are immediately available from the footswitch or hand switch. You can complete an exam by turning on the power, entering patient information, and pressing the X-ray switch. The system automatically selected the best combination of X-ray imaging parameters to produce an optimal image. For each new exam, common default settings are automatically applied to the Workstation. You can override the default settings to manually set the edge enhancement, noise filtering, contrast, and brightness values. These settings will automatically be reset for each new exam or scheduled exam. How many images can be stored on the internal system? 18 images can be stored on the CP (Clinical platform) system, and 400 images can be stored on the HP (hospital platform) system. The GE 6800 MiniView system supports a variety of hard copy and archive devices. Depending on the device options installed on your system you can send images, patient information, and the dose summary to storage and hard-copy devices.



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