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GE Vivid E90

GE Vivid E90



The GE Vivid E90 premium ultrasound machine replaces the GE Vivid E9 as its top cardiovascular ultrasound for sale. The Vivid E90 features GE’s newer technologies and advances in cardiac ultrasound. As with

other Vivid products from GE, this is a premium cardiovascular ultrasound machine that can also be used for shared services.

The Vivid E90 has host of advanced features, including single crystal probes, upgraded hardware and software including an upgraded cSound architecture.

If you’re looking for a premium cardiovascular ultrasound machine for sale or rent, it’s hard to beat the value, power, and performance of the GE Vivid E90.

              The Vivid E90 has a long list of premium features for image quality, performance, and advanced technologies. This is also the same machine as the Vivid E95, with the exception of 4D cardiac ultrasound. Improved ergonomics found on the refurbished Vivid E90 include a 12″ UHD LCD touchscreen, and adjustable high quality 22″ high-resolution wide screen OLED monitor.

              As a replacement for the older GE Vivid E9, the Vivid E90 has upgraded hardware, more options for single crystal XDclear and XMatrix transducers, improved quantification packages, and more powerful beamforming software.

              • High resolution 22″ wide OLED monitor

              • High resolution 12″ wide LCD touch screen

              • 4 active probe ports and one CW port

              • ECG port

              • Integrated HDD

              • Multiple USB ports (front/back)

              • Integrated DVD-R multi-drive (optional )

              • On-board storage for B/W thermal printer

              • Integrated speakers for premium sound

              • Integrated locking mechanism that provides rolling lock and caster swivel lock

              • Integrated cable management

              • Easily accessible removable air filters for cleaning

              • Front and rear handles

              • Side storage trays

              • Rear storage trays/baskets

              • Hand rest

              • Automatic Optimization

              • CrossXBeam

              • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD)

              • Fine Angle Steer

              • Coded Harmonic Imaging

              • Tissue velocity M-mode

              • Continuous wave Doppler

              • Tissue M-mode

              • Pulsed wave Doppler

              • Anatomical M-mode

              • Curved anatomical M-mode

              • Tissue velocity imaging

              • Tissue velocity Doppler

              • B-flow

              • Raw Data Analysis

              • Real-time automatic Doppler calculations

              • Tissue Tracking Mode

              • Contrast Imaging LVO Contrast

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