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GE Vivid S60 Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid S60 Ultrasound Machine

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With slightly fewer features than the advanced GE Vivid S70, the GE Vivid S60 ultrasound provides great image quality and features at a more affordable price than the Vivid S70.

The Vivid S60 has the same software and hardware as the Vivid S70, including the renowned cSound architecture. However, the Vivid S60 does not offer the M5Sc-D Single Crystal transducer or 4D TEE multiplane imaging. So, for tighter budgets, GE’s Vivid S60 provides a solid option to the more expensive mid- and upper-range cardiovascular ultrasound systems.

              The Vivid S60 ultrasound machine can perform a wide variety of advanced cardiovascular imaging modes, including Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Tracking, Tissue Synchronization, Strain, Strain Rate, Stress Echo, Automated Function Imaging, and AutoEF.

              It features a 19″ High Definition LCD screen and 12″ High Definition touchscreen that provide solid ergonomics and efficiency.

              • Intima Media Thickness (IMT)

              • CW Doppler

              • Strain/Strain Rate Mode (option, enabled by Advanced QScan)

              • Tissue Synchronization Imaging Mode (option, enabled by Advanced QScan)

              • B-flow

              • 2D stress

              • Automated Function Imaging (AFI)

              • Automated Ejection-Fraction Calculation (AutoEF)

              • Contrast Low MI(Research only)

              • Z-Scores

              • Quantitative Analysis Package (Q-Analysis)

              • EchoPAC™/Patient Archive

              • Insite™ Express Connection (ExC) Enables Remote Service and Training

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