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GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Machine



The GE Vivid T8 ultrasound machine is a “hybrid” unit combining the cardiovascular capabilities of GE’s Vivid ultrasound machines with the general imaging features of the Logiq series. The GE Vivid T8 is an affordable and truly reliable economy grade and multipurpose cardiovascular system designed for reliability in busy environments for cardiac and shared service imaging capabilities.

Ideal for both cardiac and shared services, the GE Vivid T8 ultrasound features advanced technologies such as Tissue Velocity Imaging, AutoEF, SmartStress, Tissue Tracking/Tissue Synchronization Imaging, Automated Function Imaging AFI, Strain/Strain Rate Imaging, and Transesophageal echocardiography.

              The GE Vivid T8 ultrasound system optimizes the image viewing experience with its 19-inch LCD monitor and flexible articulated arm, a large 8.4 inch LCD touchscreen, and 4 active transducer ports. The Vivid T8 is also a lightweight system at 128 pounds, allowing for easy mobility no matter the situation as it was built as a “rugged” ultrasound machine and went through extreme dust and vibration testing in order for it to be used in more demanding situations.

              For the shared services technologies, the GE Vivid T8 includes GE’s advanced Vivid and Logiq-series technologies such as:


              • AutoIMT for automatic edge detection
              • B-Flow for advanced spatial and temporal resolution to help assess blood flow and vessel wall structure
              • Virtual Convex to extend the field of view when using linear transducers
              • Blood Flow Imaging for enhanced visualization of blood flow dynamics
              • LogiqView for increasing the field of view when imaging large organs or difficult-to-image patients

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