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GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound Machine

GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound Machine



The refurbished GE Voluson S10 is an advanced ultrasound machine for Women’s Health and 4D obstetric imaging. It is at the top of the line for GE’s Signature series of Voluson ultrasound machines. GE Signature series sits in the middle of GE’s lineup of Voluson systems between the “E” Expert series and “P” Performance series. The Voluson S10 Price is lower than that of the expert series of Voluson systems.

The Voluson S10 is a great machine for OB/GYN applications and other women’s health ultrasound applications.

              The used GE Voluson s10 includes great 4D imaging, with HDlive as a popular add-on option.This Voluson ultrasound machine features a large viewing are with its high resolution 23″ LCD monitor and 10.1″ LCD touch screen. This large screen allows the Voluson s10 to display 98% more information on the screen compared to the other Voluson machines in GE’s Signature series (GE Voluson S8 and Voluson S6).
              The Voluson S10 ultrasound machine includes automated measurement packages such as SonoBiometry (for BPD, HC, AC, FL, and HL), SonoNT/SonoIT for semi-automatic measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucencies, SonoRenderlive for automating render line placement for 3D/4D imaging, SonoAVC for better visualization and measurements of hypoechoic structures (follicles, fetal brain, etc), and SonoVCADheart for volume computer aided display of the heart (provides a six-plane view of the fetal heart in a single volume acquisition).
              Some of the most important key features of the Voluson S10:

              • Automatic Tissue Optimization
              • Tissue Doppler Mode (TD)
              • Compound Resolution Imaging (Cross Beam)
              • Focus and Frequency Composite (FFC)
              • Coded Harmonic Imaging
              • HD-Flow (HD-Flow Doppler Mode)
              • Coded Excitation (CE)
              • Speckle Reduction Imaging
              • HDlive option
              • 4D
              • 3D/4D Activation
              • Advanced 3D/4D Package
              • HDlive
              • Advanced VCI-A
              • SonoAVC
              • SonoVCAD labor
              • SonoL&D
              • TUI
              • VOCAL II
              • Inversion
              • 4D Biopsy
              • Contrast
              • Elastography
              • Anatomical M-Mode
              • Recording Module SW-DVR
              • Single View
              • STIC
              • SonoVCAD heart

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