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GE Vscan Extend

GE Vscan Extend

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The refurbished GE Vscan Extend is a handheld portable ultrasound machine. The pocket-sized Vscan Extend is the successor to the GE Vscan Dual Probe and GE Vscan. This is a popular Point-of-Care (PoC) ultrasound machine for a quick look into the patient’s body.

The Vscan provides surprisingly good image quality and offers an extremely fast way to perform a quick diagnosis or to perform a FAST exam.

              • Vscan Extend device with either sector probe or dual probe

              • Global AC adapter with interchangeable region-specific plugs

              • One rechargeable battery

              • USB cable

              • Two MicroSD memory cards

              • Soft case

              • Use manual

              • Hardcopy Quick card

              • Gel (60g bottle)

              • Distance measurement

              • Assisted bladder volume measurement (Vscan extend app available through GE Marketplace)

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