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Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore

Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore

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The fourth generation Premier Encore system raises mini C-arm fluoroscopy to new levels of image quality, economy, ease of use, and safety while bringing expanded administrative capabilities and connectivity to the radiology department. Hologic’s FluoroScan business pioneered the mini C-arm concept for orthopedic applications. Our products provide real-time imaging capabilities for the operating room with a minimal investment of manpower and lifecycle costs from the radiology department.

  • Dual 6″ x 4″ II
  • Can be used in a variety of diagnostic, surgical and post-operative extremities procedures including: hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder, foot ankle and knee
  • Utilizes a compact, fully adjustable counter balanced c-arm for X-Ray imaging of extremities at greatly reduced levels of radiation exposure and scatter



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