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Midmark 225

Midmark 225



The Ritter 225 Barrier-Free Examination Chair includes the power table base, accessory receivers, footswitch, heated drawer, stirrups, pelvic tilt, and tamper-resistant hospital-grade receptacles.


The 225 Barrier-Free Exam Chair features a low seat height that improves accessibility to patients and reduces the likelihood of staff injury. This exam chair/table is designed to offer low and high positioning heights so you can provide the best care to all patients, whether treating the elderly, expectant mothers, or patients with disabilities. The powered back system makes patient positioning simple and efficient.

The Ritter 225 Barrier-Free Examination Chair was previously called the Ritter 225 Barrier-Free Examination Table.


              Ritter 225 Barrier-Free Examination Chair Features

              • Powered back adjust system adjusts in height from 18 to 37", improving accessibility to the exam chair and reducing the likelihood of staff injury.
              • Standard foot control is designed to make patient positioning quick, effective, and always within reach.
              • Easy-access tamper-resistant receptacles on both sides of the chair provide a power connection for ancillary devices.
              • Standard accessory receivers are designed to make the integration of accessories easy and efficient without tools required.
              • Using this chair with an automated vitals device like Midmark IQvitals or IQvitals Zone allows you to bring more to the point of care, not only saving time but helping reduce common transcription errors.
              • Pelvic tilt feature helps position patients properly and comfortably for lower-body examinations.
              • Active sensing technology.
              • Clean Assist Roller System (optional) uses retractable roller base to easily and safely move the chair for cleaning.

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