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Midmark 630

Midmark 630



The Midmark 630 HUMANFORM Procedure Chair is designed to move with the human body, enhancing patient comfort while allowing physicians to remain in a proper working position throughout procedures. No matter what type of procedures you perform, proper positioning is crucial to providing accessibility and flexibility at the point of care. Power height, back, foot, and tilt give the Midmark 630 virtually endless movement capabilities, allowing you to position patients correctly for the most effective procedure. Adjustable height allows you to work in a position that is comfortable for you.


The Midmark 630 HUMANFORM Procedure Chair was previously called the Midmark 630 HUMANFORM Power Procedures Table.


Procedures can be stressful and intimidating to patients. The Midmark 630 is designed to position patients for maximum comfort. Added features like the patented Premium Comfort System and optional heated upholstery help ensure a calmer patient, reducing movement during procedures.

              Midmark 630 HUMANFORM Procedure Chair Features

              • Motion Profiling moves the chair with the patient during positioning to maintain head and back support, eliminating the need for patients to shift their position as the table back section raises or lowers.
              • Active Sensing Technology (AST) enhances patient and provider protection by helping to avoid harmful impact during movement, such as objects being caught under the seat and footrest.
              • Power height, back, foot, and tilt give healthcare providers the freedom to effortlessly move patients into the most effective positions.
              • Rotation (optional): Allows the chair to rotate 350° and adds 3.5" to the minimum and maximum seat height specifications.

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