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Midmark 641

Midmark 641



The Midmark 641 Procedure Chair is designed to give users unobstructed access to the patient's head and neck area. Clinicians can work more efficiently, and comfortably, even during close-up aesthetic procedures.

The Midmark 641 Procedure Chair was previously called the Midmark 641 Barrier-Free Power Procedures Chair.


The 641 Chair offers versatile positioning, increased accessibility, and better patient comfort to help meet changing demands, allowing you to perform in-office procedures efficiently and comfortably.

              Midmark 641 Procedure Chair Features

              • Narrow patient support surface, slim back section, and tuck away side rails provide maximum patient accessibility and supports proper posture.
              • Powered seat, back, foot, and tilt offer multi-positioning capabilities to improve comfort and reduce likelihood of injury.
              • Premium Comfort System enhances patient comfort for a chair-like feel.
              • Optional wireless controls allow for placement of hand and foot controls anywhere in the room, removing cords and eliminating obstacles.
              • Multiple options and accessories available that improve the functionality of any office.

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