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Midmark 647 Podiatry Chair

Midmark 647 Podiatry Chair



The Midmark 647 Podiatry Chair includes a foot control and two black upholstered armrests.


The 647 is a powerful procedure table which puts everything providers need where they want it - at the point of care.

Increasingly, more patients require specialized equipment to accommodate their needs and mobility. This chair has a high patient weight capacity of 450 pounds, making it an ideal option for most practices. Additionally, the 19" barrier-free low height of the 647 can make accessing the chair easier for patients of all sizes.

The 647 features custom actuators which are designed to move your patients quickly into the proper position for exams and procedures, helping make you more efficient. Powered movement of the seat back and tilt gives you the flexibility to position patients where you need them for better access and clearer view of the lower extremities.

The Midmark 647 Podiatry Chair was previously called the Midmark 647 Barrier-Free Power Podiatry Procedures Chair.

              Midmark 647 Podiatry Chair Features

              • Height adjustment from 19 to 40" from the floor allows you to position the chair at a comfortable neutral working height.
              • Adjustable chair arms rotate completely out of the way for improved comfort and accessibility.
              • Ergonomic, conveniently positioned release handles on both sides of the foot section allow for smooth, one-handed operation.
              • Integrated touch controls on both sides are not only convenient but also prevent costly breakage of hand controls.
              • Powered base, back, and tilt for effortless positioning.
              • Seamless, easy-to-clean surface.
              • Foot section can be extended up to 9" from the chair giving you the ability to access the foot and ankle area from multiple angles.
              • Covered glides and a sealed foot control protect internal components from dirt and debris to simplify cleaning and ensure a longer product life.
              • Electrical Outlets: Duplex, hospital grade (on each side).
              • Programmability (optional): Three positions that you customize to your needs.
              • Rotation (optional): Allows 350 degrees of chair rotation and adds 3.5" to the minimum and maximum seat heat specifications.

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