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Mindray DC-70

Mindray DC-70



The Mindray DC-70 X-Insight is a mid-range shared service ultrasound machine that provides an excellent value. The Mindray DC-70 provides high-end imaging technologies, including single crystal probe technology that improve the user’s accuracy when scanning, making it a more efficient and consistent shared service ultrasound machine. The DC-70 price helps it become a top choice in the mid-upper range ultrasound machines that are available as new equipment. Probo Medical sells the Mindray DC-70 new with a 3-year warranty included.

              The new or refurbished DC-70 X-Insight provides better ergonomics by combining ease-of-use with user friendly solutions, resulting in higher quality exams and better patient focus.The Mindray DC-70 X-Insight mid-high range system features the following key benefits:

              • Auto EF (Ejection Fraction)

              • Single Crystal probes

              • 4D Live imaging with Smart Face Technology

              • iWorks

              • iClear (Speckle Suppression Imaging)

              • iBeam (Compound Imaging)

              • Stress Echo

              • Smart Planes CNS

              • Smart Track

              • 3t transducer technology

              • 21.5-inch or 23.8-inch high resolution color LED monitor

              • 13.3″ Multi-Touch and Gesture Driven LED touchscreen

              • Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis

              • Elastography

              • iNeedle (Needle Visualization Technology)

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