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Mindray DC-88

Mindray DC-88



The Mindray DC-88 is an affordable mid-high end console ultrasound machine with single-crystal probes and shared service capabilities. The DC-88 is a very efficient and easy-to-use ultrasound machine, particularly compared to its more expensive competitors. It is loaded with features that provide great image quality, performance, and efficiency.

Image quality, ergonomics, and ease-of-use gain high marks for the price of the Mindray DC-88. This is among our top choices for those looking for more advanced features than found on the Mindray DC-70 without breaking the budget.

              The Mindray DC-88 system has the following features and options available:

                  iBeam Spatial Compounding
                  iClear Speckle Reduction
                  Advanced Echo Boost
                  Smart Track (Intelligent Vessel Tracking)
                  CW Doppler
                  Wireless Adapter Built-in
                  Internal Battery
                  4D/Smartface 3D
                  iTouch Auto Image Optimization
                  Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI)
                  21.5” High Resolution LED monitor
                  13.3-inch tilting multi-gesture touchscreen
                  iScape Panoramic Imaging
                  Stress Echo
                  Tissue Doppler
                  LVO Contrast
                  iNeedle (Needle Visualization)

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