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Mindray Imagyn I9

Mindray Imagyn I9

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The Mindray Imagyn I9 is an advanced OB/GYN system that competes with other high-end systems such as the Voluson E-series and Philips Epiq ultrasound machines. Our sonographers at Probo Medical rank it among the best Women’s Health ultrasound machines on the market. Its advanced features include technologies specifically designed for fields such as perinatology, advanced OB/GYN, women’s health and fertility applications. With its scanning flexibility and convenient design, the new Mindray Imagyn I9 for sale adapts to various clinical environments. As a distributor for Mindray, we have these available as New units with a 5-year warranty. Read our Review below to get our thoughts on this new ultrasound machine.

              • 15.6” full HD touch screen with intuitive interaction
              • iConsole intelligent control panel
              • Battery life up to 4 hours of continuous ultrasound scanning
              • Sound Touch Elastography (HiFR STE)
              • UWN+ Contrast Imaging
              • Fusion Imaging
              • Smart HRI
              • RIMT
              • Auto EF

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