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Mindray M7 Ultrasound Machine

Mindray M7 Ultrasound Machine



The refurbished Mindray M7 is a popular shared service portable ultrasound system. This is a laptop-sized/clamshell-style ultrasound machine that features advanced imaging features found in today’s mid-range portable ultrasounds. The POCUS Mindray M7 has long been a solid choice for those looking for reliable and good image quality in a portable package.

              • The refurbished Mindray M7 is one of the better mid-range portable ultrasound machines due to its very good penetration and color Doppler for vascular and general imaging. The M7 has solid image quality with its 15-inch high resolution TFT LCD with a 170-degree viewing angle.

                Important key features for the Mindray M7 portable ultrasound machine:


              • Octal-beam imaging technology
              • Tissue harmonic imaging
              • iZoom for increased imaging accuracy
              • Tissue Doppler imaging (TDI)
              • Real-time 3D imaging
              • iClear speckle suppression
              • iBeam spatial compounding

                As a shared-service system, the Mindray M7 is very versatile and covers a wide range of clinical needs such as:


              • Vascular
              • Cardiac
              • OB/GYN
              • Abdomen
              • Venous (ablation, mapping)
              • MSK and Orthopedic
              • Mobile Ultrasound
              • Regional Anesthesia
              • Pain Management
              • Small Parts
              • This portable ultrasound machine also features technology that is suitable for cardiac applications, though it is less common.

              • iScape panoramic imaging

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