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Mindray M9

Mindray M9



The refurbished Mindray M9 is Mindray’s most advanced portable ultrasound machine. It greatly enhances your diagnostic experience with color Doppler, advanced signal transmission, single-crystal ultrasound transducers for tremendously improved resolution and penetration.

The Mindray M9 is a high-end portable cardiac ultrasound machine and users can benefit from full cardiac features and measurement packages. This ultrasound machine is also known for its ability to offer great imaging in vascular and point of care applications.

              • The M9 outperforms the Mindray M7 and Mindray M5 in cardiac imaging. Its 3T ultrasound transducer technology allows for sharper images, better penetration, and color dynamic flow.

                This ultrasound machine is very slim and lightweight making it one of the best portable machines. At 12.8 pounds the M9 is great for emergency care, critical care, and Anesthesia, along with vascular and cardiac.

                The M9 features auto-measurements, multi-function keys, DICOM compatibility giving the user efficient results quickly and easily.

                The Mindray M9 is a shared-service machine and is one of the best portable cardio-vascular ultrasound machines on the market. It offers optimal imaging with the following features:


              • Stress echo
              • Needle visualization
              • Compound imaging
              • Speckle Reduction imaging
              • EchoBoost cardiac imaging optimization
              • AutoIMT
              • Single Crystal Transducer with 3T technology
              • Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis

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