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Mindray Resona I9T

Mindray Resona I9T



The new Mindray Resona I9T ultrasound for sale is a top-rated shared service ultrasound machine that competes with advanced systems from GE, Philips and Siemens. The price of the I9T makes it an affordable mid-advanced full body ultrasound machine versus refurbished systems from the major manufacturers. Its advanced ergonomic design, workflow, and image quality makes it a true competitor to refurbished mid-upper range ultrasound systems. The I9T is equipped with many innovative features that make this machine stand out. These innovations allow the user to gain in-depth insights into complex clinical scenarios and optimize patient care through its enhanced usability and ergonomics. The Resona I9T will provide its user with extreme image clarity, intelligent solutions, and diagnostic confidence when scanning.

              • The Mindray Resona I9T has the following key features equipped on this ultrasound:


              • ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+)
              • Intelligent iConsole control panel
              • 23.8” LED monitor with high-resolution display
              • 15.6” HD intuitive touchscreen
              • Innovative Stiffness Assessment: HiFR STE
              • Shear Wave Elastography (SWE)
              • Sound Speed Compensation (SSC)
              • Glazing Flow
              • Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)

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