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Mindray TE Air

Mindray TE Air

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The new Mindray TE Air is a wireless handheld ultrasound system that was designed with increased clinical necessity in mind, providing its user with top technological capabilities through its efficient connectivity and readiness for unpredictable environments. This small and lightweight POCUS ultrasound enables the wireless ability to perform diagnostic exams quickly and accurately, which offers immense benefits to both patients and clinicians alike. This high-quality, handheld portable ultrasound will improve user confidence when performing exams due to its premium capabilities and extreme mobility.

              • The Mindray TE Air offers the following benefits:


              • B Mode
              • M Mode
              • Color Mode
              • TDI Mode
              • PW Mode
              • Power Mode
              • Single Crystal Technology
              • eWave
              • Waterproof and dustproof
              • Wireless charging

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