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Mindray TE5 Vet

Mindray TE5 Vet



The Mindray TE5 Vet is a portable touch-screen veterinary ultrasound machine for critical care and emergency medicine. The TE5 Vet is fully controlled by the 15-inch touch screen with gestures just like your smartphone and can operate even with a gel-covered glove. The system requires either the optional UMT-400 mobile cart or the optional tabletop stand to charge the battery. The UMT-400 mobile cart is height adjustable with transducer cable management. There are currently two available configurations of the TE5 Vet, a one-probe connector system and a 3 probe connector system. The 3 probe connector system also has some advanced features included like CW, TDI, Anatomical M-mode, iNeedle, and iScape View. View the specifications below to learn more about what is included as well the optional features available to add.

              • The Mindray TE5 Vet is available in two different configurations but both have these key features below.

              • Transducer with Programmable Buttons: The L12-3RCs probe has 3 programmable buttons. The optimally positioned keys can be defined as depth & gain adjustment, freeze & unfreeze, save image & cine, and more.
              • iVocal: Uss Artificial Intelligence voice recognition technology, empowers you to remotely manage the system using uncomplicated yet comprehensive voice instructions via a wireless microphone. This elevates the comfort and ergonomics of ultrasound practitioners throughout the entire procedure. Additionally, it facilitates the inclusion, removal, and modification of voice commands, enabling users to curate their personalized command list.
              • iNeedle+: Utilizing second-generation needle enhancement technology, iNeedle offers simplified needle guidance toward the target, amplifying precision and accuracy during guided procedures. Available on the Linear and Convex probes.

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