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Mindray TE7

Mindray TE7



Mindray TE7 point-of-care ultrasound machine is a fully touch-screen driven portable ultrasound designed for emergency rooms, anesthesia, MSK, critical care, pain management and other such bedside ultrasound applications.


The TE7 takes a different road that previous touchscreen based ultrasound machines: It’s Big. The 15″ touchscreen has a lot of real estate, giving it plenty of room for its controls, image area, and general use.  The touchscreen operates well, using gestures similar to those of a tablet or touchscreen PC, which allows you to pinch, swipe, slide and tap your way through the exam.

              • The Mindray TE7 has three active probe ports, making this a unique entry into the portable Point-of-Care market, as it does not need external connectors for multiple probes. It’s easy to switch between probes without the hassles of disconnecting-and-reconnecting probes. There are also a lot of probes available for the TE7.

                Image quality is very good, and it features Mindray’s high-end imaging technologies such as iBeam compound imaging, iClear speckle reduction, iNeedle needle visualization, networking, DICOM/HL7. It’s solid state drive allows for fast boot up and a generally quieter operation.

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