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Mindray Vetus 7

Mindray Vetus 7



The Mindray Vetus 7 high-end Vet system is a console-based ultrasound designed to care for many species, from small household pets to large farm animals. This premium machine will provide you with excellent image quality, easy workflows, intelligent tools, and an ergonomic design for a veterinary practice. The Mindray Vetus 7 is designed specifically for veterinarians with dedicated presets based on species and size, veterinary workflow protocols, hair-proof wheels, and a keyboard with a silicone cover. The Mindray Vetus 7 veterinary ultrasound machine includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty from Mindray Animal.

              • The Mindray Vetus 7 console-based veterinary ultrasound machine has many advanced features including:


              • Auto Volume Control System: controls the Doppler signal audio to reduce the chance of frightening the animals
              • Auto measure tools: Auto Pulsed Wave mode (Auto PW) and Auto Ejection Fraction (Auto EF), increase productivity and enable easy and accurate scanning
              • iWorks: Protocol is a protocol-based feature that helps standardize workflow and reduce exam times
              • iTouch: automatically optimizes image quality with one-click
              • iClear: Automatically clear the parenchyma noise and sharpen tissue border
              • Advanced Echo Boost for Cardiology

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