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Mindray Vetus 9

Mindray Vetus 9

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The Mindray Vetus 9 represents the latest pinnacle of veterinary ultrasound technology developed by Mindray Animal. Its cutting-edge capabilities stem from the implementation of Zone Sonography Technology (ZST+), which empowers the Vetus 9 to achieve swift and exceptional imaging results. The incorporation of ZST+ translates to a remarkable tenfold increase in imaging speed, thereby equipping veterinarians with the means to effectively address a wide array of clinical scenarios. Augmenting its usability, the user interface is designed intuitively, and software features like iWorks and iVocal serve to enhance the efficiency and duration of examinations. Furthermore, a comprehensive selection of probes, including the high-caliber single-crystal abdominal and cardiac probes, further adds to its impressive features. In its entirety, the Vetus 9 stands as a top-tier veterinary ultrasound machine, catering to both basic and advanced cardiac imaging needs across the spectrum of small to large animal cases.

              • The Mindray Vetus 9 has many advanced features, making it a high-level robust system for veterinary hospitals and specialists.

                Ergonomic Design:

              • 23.8-inch bezel-less full-screen with large images for an immersive experience.
              • Splash-resistant keyboard protection film for reliable cleaning and disinfection.
              • Transducer socket covers to keep dust and animal hair away from the main unit.
              • Advanced Software Features:

              • iVocal voice command for hands-free scanning
              • iWorks workflow protocols to speed up exam times
              • Shear Wave Elastography option
              • TDI(TVI, TEI, TVD, and TVM) plus the option to add TDI & Tissue Tracking QA
              • UWN+ Contrast Imaging for enhanced contrast imaging capability
              • Left Ventricle Opacification Contrast and Myocardium Contrast Imaging options
              • The long-life battery allows up to 2 hours of continuous ultrasound scanning, eliminating the need for power cables during the exam.
              • The system’s 21.5-inch body width allows for seamless access through doors and transport across clinical departments.

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