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Mindray Z60

Mindray Z60



The Mindray Z60 is a portable shared service ultrasound machine that can be used in various practices and can be applied to adults, pregnant women, and pediatric patient applications such as OB/GYN, 3D/4D, MSK, intra-operative, and small parts. The Point of Care Mindray Z60 for sale comes equipped with innovative software packages and the latest transducer technologies that will provide you with efficient workflow at a great price.

The Z60 delivers ergonomic solutions through its configurations to improve user workflow and diagnostic accuracy to expand your clinical capabilities and meet your evolving professional needs. 

              The Mindray Z60 system features the following key benefits to the ultrasound machinery:

              • Dynamic Beam Forming
              • iBeam Compound Imaging
              • iClear Speckle Reduction Imaging
              • 3D/4D Options
              • iStation Patient Data Management
              • Smart Face
              • Smart OB
              • iTouch Auto Optimization
              • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (PSHI)
              • Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI)
              • IMT (Intima-Media Thickness)
              • 15” full screen LCD

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