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Philips Epiq 7c

Philips Epiq 7c



The refurbished Philips Epiq 7c ultrasound machine is a premium cardiovascular ultrasound machine well-known in the industry for its high-end performance.


It replaces the wildly popular Philips iE33 cardiovascular ultrasound, and also serves as a very good shared service ultrasound. As a refurbished unit, the Philips Epiq 7c price makes it a great bargain for a high-end ultrasound.


The key new technology found on the Epiq 7c is what Philips calls “nSIGHT”. This represents a fairly significant difference in penetration, resolution, and processing power over previous ultrasounds.

              With improved processing power, beamformers, and parallel-processing abilities, the used Epiq 7c takes advantage of one of the better features found on premium ultrasound machines today: Single Crystal probes.

              Philips’ xMATRIX architecture includes PureWave single crystal probes that improve spatial and temporal resolution, while also allowing better penetration through all modalities.

              Other features include:

              • Philips Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS) for enhancing the exam experience and improving diagnoses;
              • Real Time iSCAN optimizes gain and TGC automatically

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