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Philips Epiq CVX

Philips Epiq CVX




Like the systems before it, the Epiq CVx looks almost identical to the previous iterations of the Epiq portfolio. However, the CVx comes with an impressive, upgraded OLED display, providing sharp and clear visualization thanks to its increased dynamic pixel range and improved contrast ratio. The Epiq CVx also features faster data processing than previous models, sharper imaging, robust automated quantification and customizable exam tools designed to help cardiologists deliver better care for their patients.

              With all the tools available on the Epiq Elite, the CVx also comes with some new features available, including:

              • New Philips S9-2 Pediatric PureWave 2D Transducer
              • AIUS for Left Heart Quantification
              • Cardiologist-specific user-interface design
              • Photorealistic imaging with an adjustable light source
              • One-Touch Real-Time Image Alignment

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