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Philips Intellivue MP70

Philips Intellivue MP70

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The Philips IntelliVue MP70 is a patient Monitor that was designed to monitor a variety of parameters on a flexible screen configuration. The MP70 can be connected to the Multi-Measurement Modules. The Monitor has two slots for the modules. These Modules include; anesthesia, Critical, Cardiac, neonatal care, and general care units. The Patient Monitor has a 15-inch color LCD touch screen display that can show up to eight different waveforms at once. Along with displaying 12 lead ECG.

  • Touchscreen and SpeedPoint operation
  • Customizable viewing options with 10 pre-set screen configurations
  • Uninterrupted patient monitoring
  • Bright and easy to read color display
  • Space-saving, quiet, and stable
  • Fast startup



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