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Philips Intellivue Mx450

Philips Intellivue Mx450



The Philips IntelliVue MX450 is a patient monitor that is designed to fit a variety of needs. The MX450 comes with a 12 inch color touch screen and and an easy to use interface. The Display screen has a sensor that can automatically adjust the lighting on the display screen, to maintain readability in any lighting situation. The design of the Philips IntelliVue monitor makes the MX450 a compact easy carry design that can be both a bedside monitor, and for intra-hospital transport. The MX450 Modules. Some of these modules include; anesthesia, intensive, cardiac, neonatal, and general care units. At the same time, the MX450 can easily be connected to an EMR system and share the patient’s data across other devices or even a central data station in your medical facility.

  • Patient data management with tabular and high-resolution trends.
  • Drug, ventilation, hemodynamic, and oxygenation calculations.
  • Easy-to-read, easy-to-use touch screen.
  • Simple menu hierarchy for fast access to all basic monitoring tasks.
  • Capable of functioning in a wireless infrastructure.
  • Adjustable screen layouts.
  • Built-in recorder.



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