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Philips iU22

Philips iU22



The refurbished Philips iU22 shared service ultrasound machine, launched in 2004, has had a long history of improvements and revisions that have made it the gold standard for over a decade. The Philips iU22 for sale is equipped with xMatrix transducers (at certain hardware and software levels) and 4D obstetric, giving you advanced features at a reasonable cost.

As a shared service system, the iU22 can perform cardiac, radiology, vascular, OB/GYN, and specialty imaging applications, such as pediatric, MSK, and elastography (consider the slightly better equipped Philips iE33 for cardiovascular-specific applications). The Philips iU22 was replaced by the modernized Philips Epiq 5, however the iU22 continues to be the popular choice due to its affordable price range for physicians who need high image quality.

              Those who are familiar with Philips systems prefer the iU22’s great image quality and its overall value in regard to price range and performance.

              The Philips iU22 system features the following key benefits to the ultrasound machinery:

              • 3D/4D imaging
              • XMatrix technology (on some versions)
              • 17′ LCD touchscreen monitor
              • Tissue Doppler (Velocity) Imaging
              • Stress Echo
              • Contrast Imaging
              • Compound Imaging
              • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
              • Scan Assistant

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