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GE MAC 1200 EKG Machine

GE MAC 1200 EKG Machine



The GE Marquette Mac 1200 is a compact 12-lead ECG system. The MAC 1200 can be configurable for standard electrocardiography without analysis or to include a 12-lead analysis. The system offers a full-page printout and a display showing waveform ECG readings. The MAC 1200 is an easy-to-use system that offers a one-touch operation for acquisition, analysis, storage, and printing. The GE system includes EKG/ECG electrodes, chart paper, and lead wire.

    • Full-size keyboard is easy to use and clean
    • Large backlit, waveform LCD Display has contrasted adjustable
    • Integrated thermal printer for full-size paper reports
    • Display Options: Elected lead groups, operation mode, lead check, heart rate, AC filter, muscle her, ADS, gain speed, and patient information
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Anti Drift System (ADS) automatically compensates for the baseline fluctuations that are caused by polarization voltage fluctuations at the electrodes
    • Baseline adjusts where the ECG presentation is shown with an averaged baseline
    • Electrode monitoring where there is an audible and visual indication on the LCD of disconnected electrodes or fine break
    • Automatic performance test upon power up, including verification of the signal path starting at the signal input



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