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Philips Sparq

Philips Sparq

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The Philips Sparq ultrasound is a compact midrange machine created for point-of-care, emergency room, and operating room use. It is Philips’ first step towards a more modern interface with a single-sealed control panel and an easy-to-clean tempered glass touchscreen.

To increase usability, the Philips Sparq’s controls dynamically change to show only the keys and automation features compatible with the exam being performed. The refurbished Philips Sparq is designed for ease-of-use, excellent image quality, and efficiency in the exam room.

              The refurbished Philips Sparq incorporates Philips’ top imaging technologies, including SonoCT, XRES, and a 17″ High Resolution LCD monitor. The mid-range ultrasound system is also compatible with a PureWave TEE transesophageal probe, which is Philips’ probe technology that increases resolution and penetration for hard-to-scan patients.

              Its buttonless interface pushes the boundaries of Philips’ traditional ultrasound hardware to offer a more modern feel and an easier-to-clean surface. With Simplicity Mode “on,” the tempered glass interface will only show the ultrasound functions that you use most often in that mode. The refurbished Philips Sparq also features SmartExam technology so you can increase consistency by following the on-screen fully-customizable guided workflow exam protocols. Meaning in an emergency situation, you can take more work off of your team by putting the work on the machine.

              Another feature that is noteworthy for a point-of-care situation is the Temporary ID, which assigns a unique, temporary number to each unidentified patient so you can start scanning immediately.

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