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Philips Veradius Unity C-Arm

Philips Veradius Unity C-Arm



The Philips Veradius Unity provides crucial guidance, high-quality images, and accurate positioning to help increase first-time-right results. The Philips Veradius Mobile C-arm increases confidence during complex vascular, cardiac, and orthopedic procedures. ClearGuide combined with color coding on the C-arm speeds up positioning making spinal surgery and other procedures that require frequent position changes more pleasant for clinicians.


    • Wireless foot switch.
    • Accurate repositioning with PositionMemory.
    • DoseAware real-time dose feedback.
    • Less than 70 seconds system startup.
    • ClearGuide.
    • Incredible image quality.
    • Dual 19” color LCD monitors.
    • Flat Detector


    Enhance Workflow

    If you are deciphering tortuous vasculature or finding the sweet spot for spinal surgery, the Philips Veradius helps establish an efficient workflow. Physicians experience a whole new level of simplicity with the tablet-like interface on the Veradius. With the touchscreen you can drag the shutters and iris into position. At every step you only see the features you need, so you can't get over whelmed or spend time looking for the right button.

    Fast Positioning

    Philip's ClearGuide and color coding on the Veradius, speed up positioning. This makes spinal surgery and other procedures that require frequent position changes more pleasant for staff and increase efficiency. ClearGuide provides a set of reference number for the operator to use during positioning.

    Position Memory

    The Position Memory on the Philips Veradius can store a previous position and recall when needed to speed up re-positioning. The Philips C-Arm can store up to four positions, and can recall and display the current positon and and a saved position on the c-arm stand monitor.

    Flat Detector

    The Veradius has a third generation flat detector. It provides high-quality fluoroscopy, exposure, subtraction runs, and roadmap guidance to support orthopedic, cardiac, and vascular surgeons on performing the most challenging procedures. Flat detectors deliver consistent, undistorted edge-to-edge image quality and optimal contrast resolution. In the idle state, the flat detector calibrates itself every 5 minutes. It has a field of view of 10.3" and a grid ratio of 13:1. It can be easily removed by manually unscrewing four bolts. This allows for great image quality with X-ray dose efficiency for imaging small anatomies. The high dynamic range of the flat detector (96 dB) provides higher contrast images for demanding procedures. With the ability to different a larger range of grey values than image intensifiers.



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