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Philips X8-2T - TEE Probe

Philips X8-2T - TEE Probe



Brand New


The X8-2t xMATRIX transesophageal transducer boasts an advanced acoustic design that enhances frequencies and bandwidth, resulting in improved resolution and tissue visualization in both 2D and Live 3D imaging. Philips' TEE probe facilitates true one-beat acquisitions and achieves our highest volume rates in Live 3D and Live 3D color flow, all while maintaining exceptional image quality. Additionally, the Philips x8-2t handle features a real-time configurable function button, offering extra functionality during imaging, such as “acquire,” “freeze,” “iSCAN,” or “Do Nothing.”

Bandwidth: 8.0 – 2.0 MHz

Applications: Cardiology

Technology: xMatrix, PureWave

Compatibility:  Philips Epiq 5, Philips Epiq 7

Volume of Field View: 98° x 98°

Number of Elements: 2500

Type of Array: xMatrix Sector

Field of View (FOV): 90°

Modes: 2D, Advanced XRES, Harmonic Imaging, M-Mode, Color M-Mode, Color Flow, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, Live xPlane Imaging, Live 3D Echo, Live 3D Zoom, 3D Zoom Color, 3D Zoom Color Preview



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