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Ritter Midmark M11 Ultraclave

Ritter Midmark M11 Ultraclave



Peak Medical is happy to provide Midmark Ritter M11 Ultraclave rentals. The M11 features an 11″ chamber is is our most popular tabletop autoclave rental. The 11″ chamber allows slightly more room compared to the smaller M9 (9″ Chamber) but still maintains the compact size compared to the larger Tuttnauer 3870 (16″ chamber).


With one of the largest chamber sizes of any tabletop sterilizer on the market, the Ritter M11 is designed to optimize sterilization output—reducing time and effort, but not effectiveness.

The M11’s 11″ x 18″ chamber gives it the distinction of being the largest of any standard countertop sterilizer on the market, making it perfect for larger packs and instruments.

  • Tabletop Autoclave
  • 11″ Chamber Size
  • Simple & Easy To Use



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