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Sonosite S-Series

Sonosite S-Series

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The refurbished SonoSite S-Series of ultrasound machines are “mountable” systems that are designed for very specific uses. Image quality is what you would expect from the SonoSite M-Turbo, and it runs the same transducers as found on the SonoSite Edge products.

              The S-Series consists of the following systems: SonoSite S-Cath for radiologists, S-Fast for Emergency Medicine physicians, S-ICU for Intensive Care, S-MSK for musculoskeletal pathology, S-Nerve for anesthesiologists, and S-Women’s Health for Breast Surgeons and women’s health clinicians.

              The refurbished S-Series of ultrasounds do not have keyboards and can be mounted to a mobile cart, a wall, or even ceiling-mounted. They have a limited user interface, no keyboard and are ultimately designed to provide great images with minimal ease-of-use. The price of the S-Series of ultrasounds is also more budget-friendly than buying a full M-Turbo ultrasound system.

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