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Steris Amsco Century V116

Steris Amsco Century V116



The Steris Amsco Century V116 is a full-size steam sterilizer system. The Century V116 offers a fast and efficient sterilization process. The sterilizer comes with a touchscreen display. This makes it easy to select any one of the pre-programmed cycles, including; pre-vac, gravity, flash, express, leak test, and a daily air removal testing cycle. The Chamber is 16 inches x 16 inches x 20 inches and is opened through a power sliding door operated by a foot pedal. The Operation temperature of the sterilizer ranges from 250º to 270º. The Steris Amsco Century Series of Sterilizers also includes the Steris Amsco Century V120.

                • Cabinet Mounted with a Stainless Steel Enclosure
                • Foot Pedal Actuated Door
                • One (1) Rack
                • Touch Screen Display
                • Two (2) Shelves
                • Vertical Door:  Automatic
                • Optional built-in steam generator

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