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Tuttnauer EZ10

Tuttnauer EZ10



The Tuttnauer EZ10 Automatic Autoclave will fill, sterilize, exhaust and dries at the touch of a button. The Tuttnauer EZ10 Automatic Autoclave features a closed door active drying system to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches. With the simplicity of one touch design all of your sterilization and drying needs are fulfilled.


    • New contemporary design with an easier to read bright blue display panel.
    • Pre-loaded cycles for: unwrapped instruments; wrapped/packs; liquid and additional drying cycle.
    • All program parameters can be changed and stored.
    • Automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles.
    • Audible and visual cycle interruption alert. Double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized.
    • Low water sensor prevents activation of sterilization cycle when there is insufficient water in the chamber or reservoir.
    • Constant monitoring of temperature and pressure for sterilization.
    • Power outage recovery system.
    • Door design prevents steam from coming in contact with control panel.
    • Optional printer.
    • High Efficiency air pump.
    • Decreased overall drying time.
    • Closed door drying.
    • Hepa filter 0.2μm air filter (replaceable)
    • Circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle for fast drying.
    • Approved by major International Standards for autoclaves, i.e. A.S.M.E., TUV, CE 01123, UL, etc



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