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Verathon BladderScan BVI 9400

Verathon BladderScan BVI 9400

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The Verathon BladderScan BVI 9400 is a portable ultrasound that can measure the volume of the patient’s bladder. The Verathon BVI 9400 comes with NeuralHarmoics technology. The bladder scanner can provide a three dimensional image of the patient’s bladder within seconds. For these images the Verathon BladderScanner can calculate and display the volume of the patient’s bladder.

The BVI is a compact, battery-operated console that can provide a variety of measurements without making the patient uncomfortable. The Ultrasound machine is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. It can be used in both pediatrics to adult patients.

  • Precision aiming ability via console or probe.
  • Voice-annotate exams to ensure valuable patient/exam data is retained.
  • On-board printer for patient records or reimbursement procedures.
  • View and save exams easily, creating EMRs for your patients.
  • Maybe calibrated online.



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