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Zeiss OPMI Verio 700

Zeiss OPMI Verio 700



The Zeiss OPMI Vario 700 offers exceptional optical clarity and detailed resolution. With a working range of 200 – 500 mm, the images are crystal clear. The Zeiss Vario 700 comes with an optional secondary 300 w xenon light source. The Vario 700 can be used for a variety of different types of surgery including; neuro, spinal, and ENT surgeries along with plastic and reconstructive surgery. The Surgical microscope comes with AutoDrape – minimizing the draping slack during procedures and optimizing the movement of the microscope.


The Zeiss OPMI Vario 700 was designed to make working in an OR setting simpler and fast. With programmable handgrips and wireless foot controls the surgeon can operate comfortably and conveniently. has a fully integrated video camera and recording system where the data from the procedures can be recorded and transferred by USB storage drive to the hospital’s network.

  • Visual Clarity: State-of-the-art ZEISS optics and fully integrated HD video chain
  • Efficiency - AutoBalance and AutoDrape features that streamlines the pre-op setup
  • Versatility: A true multidisciplinary scope well-suited for many different procedures or surgical specialties- such as spine, ENT, plastic & reconstructive- without compromise
  • Beyond Visualization: Full integration capabilities with current and future Zeiss Surgical Workplace solutions
  • Additional 50% magnification in treating deep seated legions



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