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Zeiss Pentero Classic Surgical Microscope

Zeiss Pentero Classic Surgical Microscope



The Zeiss Pentero Classic with 2.5 software surgical microscope features apochromatic optics that deliver crystal-clear images, sharp details, and natural colors. The OPMI Pentero has 20% more light than previous models with spot illumination to precisely adjust the light cone. The Pentero has integrated high-speed autofocus that automatically delivers sharp images regardless of magnification. With the overhead design of this microscope, the suspensions system can be placed in any position, even behind the surgeon.

  • Automated functions such as AutoBalance and AutoDrape
  • Image-guided surgery with MultiVision™ data injection
  • Integrated digital visualization, optionally with integrated high-definition (HD) camera head
  • DICOM networking capabilities
  • Touchscreen operation



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