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Does my C-Arm need shielding?

Regulations for C-arm shielding is based on any number of considerations, including location of the C-arm on the site, location of the site and usage of the C-arm. Some states don’t require shielding.

I’ve compiled a few recommendations for the C-arm owners. It’s a brief overview of the best ways to get your device upgraded and ready to work! First, you send a detailed floor plan to a radiation control program. They let you know if shielding is necessary. To do so, they’ll also want the specifics of the C-arm’s daily use. Next, reach out to your state radiation authority. Give them the details of the project. Choosing an OEC Monitor There are currently several aftermarket OEC screen upgrades: single, large split-screen, individual, fixed, rotating, screens with articulating arms, as well as 1k, 2k, and 4k res. Price We’re seeing between $7,500 and $10,000. The higher-end models will likely include an articulating arm. The lower will probably have stationary monitors. Availability OEC, Ampronix and Transamerican are among the options. Give your provider lead time. It’ll help minimize long waits for delivery. Image Quality Do some leg work and look at contrast, brightness and resolution to start. The differences in quality vary significantly. Service A major drawback in utilizing a third-party monitor upgrade is once it’s installed, it’s no longer under warranty. Some approved vendors are OEC-approved for serving your products under the OEC umbrella. The Takeaway Upgrading the OEC 9800 display capabilities doesn’t have to be a daunting chore. Your budget, goals and tastes all factor into which upgrade will be the best fit for you. Regardless of which OEC 9800 monitor upgrade you choose, or if you choose to stay with the 9800 at all, expect a team like the pros at Peak Medical to help you keep your machine in compliance and your projects on point.

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