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The C-Arm Supply Chain

We would like to share with you what your C-Arm has journeyed through to become the refurbished system you now have in your possession.

Our team likes to use a supply chain as a reference point. The supply chain for a refurbished C-Arm is different than that of most products, as it was pre-owned- yet, this does not dull its quality in the slightest. The C-Arm in your possession may have originated from a large-scale hospital or a much smaller business or anywhere in-between. This is part of what makes your C-Arm so unique. No matter where we purchase from, we always perform a quality inspection to absolutely make sure that each C-Arm meets our high standards for quality and machine endurance. Once your device has passed this detailed inspection, it is marked suitable for refurbishment. Next, the C-Arm is brought back to the Peak Medical warehouse for its refurbishment– the next step in our supply chain here. We take it upon ourselves to pickup the C-arm from its point of origin. If the C-Arm is relatively local to us, we will send an engineer personally to pick up the system. In other cases, we employ alternative transportation to retrieve the device in as prompt a manner as possible. Before the refurbishment begins, our engineers execute a series of tests to check that the C-Arm is in the same functional condition that was reported to us. If any problems come up, our staff remedies them immediately. We always make sure that the device is at its peak performance for our customers. Calibration and testing is the next link in the supply chain– and an incredibly important one at that! We test the C-Arm for 24 consecutive hours. This timeline is pertinent to ensuring the longevity and quality of the C-Arm’s future performance for you. The device will be adjusted to optimum image quality settings. After the C-Arm has been proven to pass all regulations successfully, we prepare for its shipment to you–your C-Arm’s final destination and new home. To protect it during the journey, we wrap the C-Arm in layers of protective material and secure it properly throughout all transportation. Delivery and installation is the last and final step. You can expect, depending on distance from us, delivery to come in one of two methods. Your refurbished C-Arm will either be delivered by our in-house engineers or a national van line. The delivery personnel will reach out to you to get your staff up to speed for its arrival and unpacking. When it arrives, our driver will unload the C-Arm and bring it inside for you- there is no need to allot staff on your end for this. Our engineers will also be in touch throughout this time and come to your site within 24 hours to install the device and provide C-Arm training to your staff. We hope that this has been informative and helpful in understanding the journey of your C-Arm. Please reach out to us with any sales inquiries or feedback on how we’re doing!

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